Emergencies & Urgent Care

After hours, you have the ability to leave a message for an appointment to be scheduled for the following day and to reach a doctor if your child is having a medical emergency. When you call our office at (631) 324-8030 after hours, follow the instructions of our phone system. You will be asked to leave a message, please slowly and clearly leave your child’s name, your name, phone number and severity of situation on the message and our doctor will return your call. Please make sure you have phone service and stay near your phone.

Most emergencies can be taken care of in our office. In the case of fracture, cuts, seizures, high fevers, etc., call the office; do not go to the emergency room unless your child has been severely injured, is unconscious, or is unable to breathe. If this should occur, always call us first, or have someone else call us so that we are informed and follow up appropriately. Our doctors have privileges at Southampton Hospital.